Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern not keen on Uber's new 'tipping' feature

From Thursday, ride-share service Uber is allowing customers to tip their driver if they feel they've received a good service. 

But the Prime Minister isn't so keen on the 'tipping culture' making itself at home in New Zealand.

"I think New Zealanders are fair-minded, I think we generally have an expectation that people shouldn't have to rely on tipping to have decent wages. It should be built into their wages and their salaries," said Ms Ardern.

The San Francisco-based company says riders can now pay anything up to $50 dollars as a way of saying 'thanks for awesome service"

Uber driver, John Beechey, says it could lift the Uber experience for drivers and passengers:

"It gives the Uber driver a chance to earn a little bit of extra money by doing a little bit different, or doing something they might not have done before,"

But, there are a few question marks lurking around getting those tips into bank accounts.

"Uber's controlling it. There's a degree of trust there that Uber is going to pass on that full amount to you as a tip, again, it's going through the app, so it's gotta be taxed."

Uber.on the other hand, says drivers can feel assured that it won't be dipping into any tips.

"Drivers and delivery partners take 100 percent of the tip," said Uber spokesperson Nicky Preston "so if you feel like saying thanks to your driver and giving them a bit extra all the amount goes to them," 

The company says it's not about topping up incomes -it's about people saying thanks for work well done.