Protesters to demonstrate outside Waikato rodeo

More protests are planned at rodeos, as an event kicks off in Waikato.

Anti-rodeo demonstrators will hold signs reading "RIP" outside the Kihikihi meet on Saturday afternoon.

A spokesperson for Direct Animal Action says the group is frustrated rodeos are still being run, despite four animals dying in the latter half of 2018.

Footage shot at the Gisborne Rodeo in December showed a bull sustaining a horrific injury to its leg during an event, leading to it being put down.

Video showed the bull leaping out of the gate and throwing its rider, but soon falling to the ground itself. When it stood up its back leg had snapped and was hanging loose. The bull ran around for a few seconds with its leg flapping loosely behind it.

Eventually rodeo staff shepherd it off camera. The bull was later put down due to its injuries.

NZ Rodeo Cowboys Association president Lyal Cocks told Newshub at the time it was a regrettable accident.

"We love animals, but sometimes these accidents do happen," he said.

Direct Animal Action spokesperson Apollo Taito said they want to see more movement from Government on animal welfare issues from rodeos.

"The rodeo cowboys' attempts at self-regulation are clearly not working and are in fact a sick joke. This is not the solution we need.

"We are really pleased to see that Green MP Gareth Hughes will be tabling a private Member's Bill that would ban using small calves and animal wrestling. This is an important step in the right direction.

"But we still need to see Labour take this seriously. We've had a gutsful of animals dying for entertainment at rodeos. "