Public health warning issued over south Auckland pie spill

It was free pie day today for lucky south Aucklanders after a truck carrying Big Ben pies lost control of its load, spilling them all over a Manukau road.

But a public health warning has been issued to anyone who managed to get their hands on the Kiwi fave - they could be hazardous to your health.

Emergency services were called to the "pie-tastrophe" at around 9am on Tuesday after the truck's side door opened, scattering pies on the corner of Davies Avenue and Manukau Station Road .

Thousands of innocent Big Bens fell victim to the disaster, and the public was quick to realise its good fortune.

"If you can get to Manukau Bus Station ASAP free pies. Truck's door opened as he was turning the corner. Driver giving them away," one person posted to the Manurewa Spread the News Facebook group.

But Big Ben says anyone who took a pie should not be tempted to eat it.

"We know a pile o' pies is irresistible, but if you have picked up a pie from the crash-site this morning, please don't consume for food and safety reasons," it posted to Facebook.

"Our warmest apielogies, sorry for the mince up."

But it seems some Kiwis aren't keen to listen.

"Happened outside work. Free pies for a month," one person commented on Facebook.

"Any chance at getting those pies for 50c each? I'd be keen to buy em," another said.

More than 500 New Zealanders get food poisoning a day, and it can be a life-threatening risk if you're sick, pregnant, very young or elderly. Symptoms can include vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach cramps, fever and muscle aches.

The pies were last seen being guarded by security staff in hi-vis vests while they were being cleaned up.


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