Remembering Christchurch, eight years since the devastating 6.3 earthquake

Victims of Christchurch's magnitude 6.3 earthquake are being remembered on the eight-year anniversary as archived footage looks back at the destruction left behind. 

Harrowing footage shows the extent of the damage caused by the violent tremor that devastated Christchurch in 2011 on the anniversary. 

A memorial service was held at the Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial Oi Manawa where a minute's silence was observed for the 185 people who died. 

Each of their names were acknowledged and read out loud during the ceremony. 

The magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck at 12:51 pm on February 22 2011 causing buildings to topple in the CBD. Widespread liquefaction also covered many of Christchurch's eastern suburbs. 

Many Cantabrians are still waiting to settle earthquake insurance claims with EQC. 

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern paid homage to the victims of the earthquake in a post on Instagram with a photo of her at the earthquake memorial on February 22 last year.

Newshub's archived footage shows the extent of the damage following the earthquake.

Eight years on and the Christchurch rebuild is ongoing with the Christchurch Town Hall and Tūranga, they city's library some of the most newly opened buildings.