Revealed: Where Auckland Transport hands out the most parking tickets

If you're looking for a sneaky place to park, avoid these places.

Data released to Newshub reveals the worst hotspots for parking fines across Auckland.

According to Auckland Transport (AT) figures, the Auckland CBD is by far the worst place for parking offences, with parking officers handing out 126,030 fines. In total, this one area was worth $6.59m.

Way back in second place was Takapuna, where 25,220 fines were handed out for a value of $1.22m.

And in third was Parnell, with 23,599 fines for a value of $860,000.

Parking in these places can bring serious consequences.
Parking in these places can bring serious consequences. Photo credit: Newshub

AT says parking fines are about "choice and consequence".

"Parking is a very limited resource in our cities. Some of our restrictions are about safety - we need to make sure everyone who uses the road and the footpath is safe," says AT parking compliance manager Rick Bidgood.

"People chose to park in certain locations. If they park illegally, the consequence may be an infringement."

The Automobile Association (AA) says there aren't enough parking spaces, which encourages people to park in places and in ways they shouldn't.

"Over the last few years, we've been adding tens of thousands of cars to the Auckland network every year, but we certainly haven't been adding a similar number of carparks," AA's motoring affairs principal advisor for regulations Mark Stockdale told Newshub.

"One place where we're particularly short on parking is at park-and-ride stations. Right around the city, these are maxed out at dawn."