Rewa's 'hallmark' style of sexual assault points to his guilt - Crown

The Crown has delivered to the jury its two main points which it says mean Malcolm Rewa is guilty of murdering Susan Burdett.

They are the fact his semen was found inside her and that the attack on her "had all the hallmarks of a typical Rewa sexual assault".

Rewa was convicted of Ms Burdett's rape in 1998, but is on trial for the third time for her murder.

Ms Burdett's raped and bludgeoned body was discovered in her Papatoetoe home in 1992.

Crown prosecutor Gareth Kayes asked the jury to look at the cases of 20 other victims who were raped by Rewa and his distinctive way of assaulting women.

"It was the accused who attacked her, who raped her and who murdered her."

He also pointed to the fact Rewa's semen was found inside Ms Burdett.

"Scientific evidence demonstrates the sexual encounter did not happen before bowling in accused's living room," Mr Kayes said.

"It happened after she removed her clothes, when he came into her house that evening and raped her."

Kayes told the jury Rewa's evidence that he had a secret romantic relationship with Ms Burdett was a lie.

"Susan Burdett was an accounts clerk.

"She loved bowling, she baked, she gardened, she had a close circle of friends.

"She despised drugs, do you think she was having a secret relationship with Malcolm Rewa, a high-ranking member of bike club?

"Do you think he was having sex with her on top of Mangere Mountain under a trig station?"

Mr Kayes also dismissed evidence given yesterday from close friend of Ms Burdett's, Winsome Ansty, who said Ms Burdett had told her about going sailing with a Maori man on a yacht owned by gangs.

"I suggest to you that Mrs Ansty's memory about this conversation is wholly unreliable."

He pointed to the fact Ms Ansty only came forward to police with the information in 2017, 25 years after Ms Burdett's killing.

Defence counsel Paul Chambers will give his closing statement on Thursday afternoon.