Rugby coach Alosio Taimo labelled 'predator' as he's sentenced to 22 years in prison

Alosio Taimo has been labelled a "monster" and a "predator" by one of his victims. He's one of New Zealand's worst sex abusers to face High Court.

The 56-year-old sexually abused 17 children and teenagers aged between nine and 16 years old over the course of 20 years.

He used his role as a rugby coach to take advantage of his victims who looked up to him as a mentor. 

Judge Simon Moore says he used video games as a ploy.

"Most often would happen at your house; you would distract them with video games and then call them in your room one by one and offend against them."

The court heard from seven of his victims during sentencing.

They called him "evil" a "monster" and a "predator". One said: "The lesson you taught us was torture."

Another said he manipulated them to keep quiet.

Police were only alerted to offending three years ago, when one boy came forward and triggered a chain reaction that led to 16 others to follow.  

Taimo's 95 convictions make him one of New Zealand's worst convicted school sex offenders, surpassing the 74 charges by former deputy principal James Parker.

Offending of the highest level, that's put the 56-year-old behind bars for 22 years.

Taimo won't be eligible for release until he's at least 66 years old.


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