'Slobbering' bull loose on Auckland highway shot dead after charging at public

A large, "angry" bull on the loose on a major Auckland highway was shot dead by police on Thursday after charging at a member of the public.

At roughly 6:35pm on Thursday, police were called to an incident where a large bull was blocking traffic at Brigham Creek Rd, near Auckland's Upper Harbour motorway in Hobsonville.

Sarah Grace Wiklund, who filmed the event, told Newshub the bull seemed "angry" and the thought of it charging at her was frightening.

"He was certainly slobbering a lot, his eyes were red rimmed, and at one point as were driving past he seemed to lock eyes with me," she said.

"It was the most alarming feeling imagining him charging - he looked angry."

While Ms Wiklund said the video of the bull makes him look calm, "he was definitely strained".

"[He was] heaving with sweat and twitching and jumpy - was looking around anxiously," she said.

Police confirmed to Newshub that the large bull was injured and acting aggressively.

It also charged at one member of the public, before making its way onto State Highway 18, "creating an even greater safety risk".

"[It] had to be put down by officers at the scene," the police spokesperson said.

The road had to be temporarily closed.


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