Tasman fire: Wakefield residents can re-enter

Wakefield residents evacuated due to the Tasman fire can now return home. 

Civil Defence has allowed residents to return to their properties, and those who wish to return immediately can now do so.

There is a reduced speed limit in Wakefield during the re-entry. 70km/h zones are reduced to 50km/h, and 50km/h zones are reduced to 30km/h until 7am on Tuesday. 

However residents in the four valleys - Pigeon, Redwood, Teapot and Eves - still cannot return home. 

Civil Defence says the areas have been affected by the fire so the preparation for return is more complex. But they are actively working on a plan for those residents to re-enter. 

Police will remain in the area overnight to give assurance to the community. People who are not Wakefield residents are urged to stay away from the town. 

Residents are also urged to be prepared to evacuate again if conditions worsen. 

"Do not become complacent just because you can't see flames," Acting Tasman Area Commander Inspector Zane Hooper.

Residents who had their homes marked by police to signal the occupants have evacuated are asked to remove these crosses. 

If residents hear continuous sirens go off, it means they must evacuate again and emergency services and Defence Force personnel will start the evacuation process.