'Thought I was going to die': Witnesses describe fear after Christchurch shoot-out

Witnesses jumped for cover as bullets sprayed out during a police shooting in central Christchurch.

A man began shooting at police after his car hit a spike strip and came to a halt in Richmond on Tuesday night. He was eventually shot by an officer and remains in Christchurch Hospital in a serious but stable condition. 

Witness Vaughan Mclean saw the car speeding down Eveleyn Couzins Ave, pursued by police.

"Car came around the corner, the wheel came off, and three cars came after them. After about eight cars the guy at the end of the street got out and headed towards the new subdivision area," he told Newshub.

Mr Mclean said he went outside to have a look, but the situation became far more serious than he anticipated.

"We came out and stood on the footpath, my daughter and I, we were actually getting shot at."

He quickly tried to get himself and his child out of harm's way.

"We dove on the lawn and I had my daughter underneath me, like they do in the movies you know?"

But the situation was still terrifying and left Mr Mclean traumatised.

"I'm shaking a bit, it's pretty scary. Thought I was going to die to be fair," he told Newshub.

Police say officers tried to stop the man at around 7:20pm on Tuesday but he failed to stop, leading to the road spikes being deployed.

He opened fire on police with what is believed to be a shotgun and they returned fire, wounding him on the lower half of his body.

Officers involved in the shooting are now receiving support.