'Upsetting' new photos reveal state of derelict Waiwera hot pools

New photos from inside the once-popular Waiwera Thermal Resort have revealed it's in a decrepit state.

The pools, located north of Auckland, once boasted water slides, an in-pool movie screen and its own spa.

The complex closed for upgrades in February 2018, and has sat empty ever since.

Facebook page DerelictNZ managed to get inside the complex, page administrator Harley saying it was difficult to see the pools in such a state of disrepair.

"I visited the park many times in '90s and it's quite upsetting seeing it in the state it's currently in," they told Newshub. "Almost looks like something from judgement day."

The photos show the park's hydroslide tower mostly disassembled and empty pools filled with green muck.

Once popular, the movie pool no longer has a roof and the screen appears to be gone. An empty rubbish bin and some discarded warning cones sit at the bottom of the pool in a shallow layer of green water.

The saddest pool ever.
Photo credit: Facebook/Derelict NZ

Harley told Newshub it's the first time their photos have garnered so much attention, after upset Kiwis and curious people from overseas shared the images. They were even featured on the website of UK tabloid The Daily Mail.

"The reaction has been far bigger than I thought it would [be]," Harley said. "All positive, with many people sharing their memories from the many great day trips they had here. 

"Many people don't agree with what I do so when you have over 300,000 people viewing just one set of photos you put up its quite mind blowing."

Harley wouldn't say how they got onto the premises.

There are serious doubts about the future of the hot pools after the landowners changed the locks and cancelled the lease in October 2016. Waiwera Property said payments the from the leaseholder had been inconsistent since 2016.

Bores in the town of Waiwera are now overflowing as the 1000 cubic litres of water previously used by the pools every day goes to waste.

But there could be an upside to the closure - local residents think it may bring back Waiwera's natural hot water beach.