Waste management company says cheap tents should be banned as festival rubbish piles up

A waste management company says the rubbish being left behind at festivals is getting out of hand.

Raglan's Xtreme Zero Waste was left with a massive clean-up job that included 600 discarded tents from the New Year season.

It says companies that sell such cheap, disposable products should foot the bill for clean-up.

Chief Entrepreneurial Officer of Xtreme Zero Waste, Cheryl Reynolds, says companies like The Warehouse need take some responsibility for the rubbish.

She's asked the company to step-up and help fund the clean-up, and is calling for the sale of such tents to be banned.

The Warehouse said in a statement that their tents are good quality and designed for multiple use and certainly are not designed to be used once and left behind. 

It hopes the festival organisers can somehow recycle the tents so they are able to be used again.

Ms Reynolds says if the wind had been blowing the other way, a lot of discarded tents would now be in the sea.

Cardboard tents recently made their debut at New Zealand's largest music festival, Rhythm and Vines, and provide one solution to the problem.

They were set up by the festival, and are recyclable, so don't turn into a pile of unwanted rubbish when the party's over.

Ms Reynolds says maybe they need to be adopted by all festivals in the future to stop the huge amounts of post-festival trash currently being produced.