Watch: Amazing footage of giant manta rays off the coast of Northland

Marine enthusiast and underwater photographer Steve Hathaway has some incredible footage of two gigantic manta rays off the coast of Northland.

Manta rays are not known to be playful with humans - but these two gentle giants seem perfectly comfortable in front of the camera - even performing a perfect barrel roll. 

Last year, The Project spoke with Mr Hathaway about a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a "pyrosome", or sea worm, one of the rarest sea creatures in the world . 

His amazing footage taken off the coast of White Island grabbed headlines worldwide.

This time around Mr Hathaway his crew were out on the harbour doing their thing when out of the blue they were approached by the two giant and unusually curious manta rays. 

While more at home in the tropics, these graceful sea creatures will often follow sea-currents to our cooler waters - but aren't usually known to be this playful with humans. 

Watch the video for The Project's full report.



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