Watch: Horrifying footage of reckless near-miss involving three large trucks

A Kiwi truck driver was shocked by a reckless near-miss on Wednesday involving three large trucks on a New Zealand highway.

Horrifying footage has been sent to Newshub showing a large truck overtaking a fuel tanker on a long stretch of rural New Zealand highway.

As the truck overtakes at high speed, another truck can be seen oncoming from the opposite direction.

At the last minute, the overtaking truck is able to quickly dart out of the oncoming truck's way, avoiding a potentially fatal accident.

The man in the fuel tanker, who filmed the near-miss, can be heard throughout the video shocked by the reckless incident.

"Woah, look at this! Holy, look at that," he says as the trucks nearly skim each other.

It is unknown where the dramatic event took place.