Watch: 'Ridiculous' scrap breaks out in Auckland over carpark

A man has described a fight he filmed in central Auckland over a carpark as "ridiculous" but also "funny in hindsight".

Producer Matt Earle, 30, filmed the altercation on Friday afternoon in Cross St, near Auckland's Karangahape Rd, where two men appeared to be fighting over a parking space. 

The footage shows a Caucasian man being thrown to the ground by a group of people, including an Asian man he's said to have had an original altercation with.

The video shows the Caucasian man jump up from the ground and his shirt appears to be ripped. It then shows the Asian man on the ground surrounded by people seeming to assist him.

Mr Earle said while the Asian man appeared to be the "perpetrator" it was "actually the other guy that attacked him first and the Asian guy was fed up and he eventually retaliated".

He said he first witnessed the ordeal from his office window and went down to try and help ease the situation.

It all started when the Asian man took up two parking spaces, and the Caucasian man "came along and was quite keen to park there, and he was waiting and waiting, and then tooting, and then got out of his car".

"The [Caucasian man] basically jumped out, opened the guy's car door, tried to fight him, and then got his shirt ripped, and then complained," Mr Earle told Newshub.

"He went up to the other guy and basically opened the door and punched him in the face."

A police spokesperson said they were alerted to an incident where two people were reportedly fighting on Cross St at 12:40pm.

"Police attended but the incident was over and one of the participants had left the scene."

Mr Earle said there were "a lot of people provoking it for no reason".

He said the ordeal was "ridiculous" and "stupid", adding that it was almost comical watching two grown men "fighting over a f***ing carpark".

"It was funny in hindsight and it was so absurd because they didn't really punch each other," he said.

"It was like two teenagers fighting over a girl."


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