Watch: Tasman firefighter halts wedding as guests suit up, rush to blaze

As firefighters rushed to fight the battle the Tasman blaze over the last few days, it's been a very different 48 hours for one of their colleagues in Richmond.

Kerry Donnelly was due to get married while the fire was raging on Wednesday, but not everything went to plan.

It was clear this was no ordinary wedding as Mandy Foley (now Donnelly) walked up the aisle in a fire station to marry her firefighting fiancé.

The couple were making their commitments to each other when another commitment called: the siren sounded as nearby Rabbit Island caught fire.

Guests at the wedding jumped up to grab their kit off the walls, while other firefighters who weren't invited to the nuptials gatecrashed the wedding. The guests looked on, bemused, as the trucks pulled out. 

The day after their interrupted wedding, the newlyweds are in good spirits.

"It is what is," says the new Mrs Donnelly. "I mean, you can't have a wedding in a fire station and not expect the alarm to go off."

The groom was able to stay on as he'd been given leave for his wedding, but admitted he was tempted to join his colleagues.

"I did think about how my gear was hanging over on the hook, but I thought better of going."

With the fire still raging, the couple are due to head on their honeymoon just up the road to Kaiteriteri - a little too close to the flames for comfort.

"I won't be turning out from the honeymoon, no," Mr Donnelly says.

However he did head out into the hills on Thursday to help out, giving up some of his precious leave to try to dampen the blaze.

The constant interruptions are all part of being in the fire family, and the couple's love looks set to burn on for years to come.


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