Weather: New Zealand to 'bounce back' to warm temperatures next week

Weeks of hot weather has been interrupted by a recent cold front, but it's only a temporary reprieve before the heat strikes again.

"The cold front that moved over the country last night has brought down the overnight low temperatures. Some relief from the higher numbers we have been seeing in the last few days," MetService posted on Sunday.

Overnight temperatures last night were expected to drop as low as 5degC in Alexandra, with many other cities dropping below the double-digit mark as well.

However temperatures should bounce back next week as the ridge of high pressure moves firmly over the country, bringing calm and settled conditions for most parts of the country.

"Generally settled and warm conditions will return next week with only the far north and south of the country seeing some wet weather," says MetService meteorologist Mark Bowe.

At the end of next week, Weather Watch warns Cyclone Oma could connect with a cold front moving up New Zealand to create a small area of low pressure (known as a trough) around northern areas.

"Basically this acts as a bit of a link from that NZ cold front to the tropical storm, and it helps feed bigger rain clouds - this is definitely not a storm, it's a rain event only," the forecaster says.

"It's too far out to lock in - but the latest data does suggest it may influence rain clouds in the New Zealand area next weekend which would be great news for a lot of farmers and growers - not so great for all the outdoor events and festivals coming up adding some uncertainty there."


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