Weather: New Zealand warned of 'tropical trouble' as possible cyclone brews in Pacific

New Zealand could be about to bear the brunt of a possible tropical cyclone forming in the Pacific.

Weather Watch warns that "tropical trouble" is brewing, and could come in with a "double-whammy tropical low".

"The tropics are about to switch up a gear with a number of big lows developing, including a possible tropical cyclone in our backyard," weather forecaster Phillip Duncan says.

New Zealand is currently sheltered in a "tiny bubble" of good weather, but this could be about to end.

"Once we get after Waitangi Day, all eyes are on the tropics. There is a lot of energy - it has really really exploded into life after being so quiet for the last several weeks," Mr Duncan says.

"We've got a number of lows forming and it just begins around this Thursday... low pressure to the north is building.

"That system in the north is only getting bigger. So by Saturday it gets even closer to us."

This weather system will either hit us directly or slide off to and scrape the east coast of New Zealand.

"There's a lot of wind, a lot of rain," Mr Duncan says.

It looks like it might be time to break out the wet weather gear again.