Whale of a weekend: Orca sightings around Waiheke Island

A pod of orcas has been spotted swimming around Waiheke Island over the weekend.

The orcas were seen at different locations throughout the island, with one user commenting they had seen the group hunting stingrays at Onetangi Beach.

"They rounded them up into a corner then did their chasing."

A video, captured by Waiheke local Warren Turner, and originally posted in the Waiheke Community Facebook Group shows the pod at Palm Beach.

The pod was swimming in shallow waters, close to a group of swimmers.

Many Facebook users said it was a good idea to keep your distance, especially since a calf had been spotted amongst the pod.

"Might be good to give them space and get out of the water, going towards one of the young ones is not a good idea."

Another user commented that instead of going into the water to harass them, just to watch from the shoreline.

The Department of Conversation recommends keeping at least 50 metres away from whales at all times, or 200 metres if you see a mother with a calf or calves.

DOC states that although no records exist of deliberate fatal attacks on humans, swimming with them are not permitted.



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