Will Cyclone Oma hit New Zealand? Meteorologists say it's a 'waiting game'

Meteorologists are unable to predict if Cyclone Oma will hit New Zealand this week, as multiple computer forecast models are all showing different outcomes.

One modelling system shows the storm hitting New Zealand directly, while another shows it doing a 180 and heading back north. 

"We are looking at hundreds of models, and there is no consistency among them," said meteorologist Lisa Murray.

"Will it or won't it? That's the crucial question."

At the moment, the cyclone's path is a waiting game. 

Weatherwatch reports that, even if the cyclone doesn't hit, the forecasters agree a low will develop around the eastern North Island - which means rain.

Whether or not Cyclone Oma hits New Zealand, it's going to be the wettest weekend so far.

"The weather will get worse from Friday, and we'll see some rain which is great news with all the fire bans and water restrictions we've been seeing," Ms Murray said.

Cyclone Oma reached severe category three status over the weekend, and is expected to hover around the strong category two for the next few days. It may brush New Caledonia, and is expected to miss Vanuatu.

Ms Murray's advice is to keep up-to-date with weather announcements in order to be prepared in case severe weather hits.