95yo Northland man Jim Morgan has new dog friend

Northland man Jim Morgan has celebrated his birthday with a new friend, three-year-old fox terrier Roxy.

Mr Morgan's 12-year-old dog Sandy had to be put down after he was attacked by six dogs in December.

Sandy was Jim's closest companion since the passing of his wife. Despite being nearly blind and profoundly deaf, he took Sandy out for multiple walks every day.

"I can't read a book or watch TV. All I had was walking my dog, and now I have no dog," he told Newshub at the time.

An elderly man gently pats a dog, who sits covered with a blanket looking sad.
Jim Morgan says goodbye to Sandy. Photo credit: Supplied

Mr Morgan's friend Cynthia Moran told Newshub Roxy has recently started visiting Mr Morgan and he's enjoying having her around.

"The visits help remind Jim of the joy he has when animals are around him. His connection with animals is very obvious Roxy's temperament is a very likeable terrier well trained and quiet for such a young dog."

Ms Moran said Mr Morgan loves to see Roxy as well as her dog Lex, but it does remind him of how much he misses Sandy.

An elderly man looking at a small fox terrier.
Jim and Roxy the Foxy. Photo credit: Supplied/ Cynthia Moran

"Either myself or my husband will have to stay with Jim [while Roxy is visiting] as he is nervous the dog will escape form the house and he won't be able to see her as he is legally blind."

Photos posted to Facebook by company Dog Share Collective show Roxy hanging out with Jim at his birthday party, where she was hand fed quiche and ham.

Mr Morgan was gifted a cake for the occasion from Len's Pies Kaikohe and Ms Moran said he's in good spirits after the party.

But there's still uncontrolled dogs wandering the streets near where Mr Morgan lives and people nearby are concerned for their safety.

"People in Kaikohe are still saying they are afraid to go out walking or running," Ms Moran said.

"An elderly lady told me yesterday she was accosted by two nasty large snarling dogs in her street when she went to go to her letterbox so she backed off."

Mr Morgan was attacked by loose dogs again in February, the Far North District Council said at the time incidents involving dangerous dogs should be reported to them.

"We ask members of those communities to help us keep their streets safe by immediately telling us about aggressive and uncontrolled dogs. Where necessary, we also ask people to help us with prosecutions.

"We know this is not always easy as witnesses to dog attacks often feel frightened of dog owners, who can also be their neighbours."