Accuser breaks down describing alleged indecent assault by prominent New Zealander

The man who has accused a prominent New Zealander of indecent assault has broken down in court as he described feeling terrified when the businessman walked into his room naked.

He says he was living and working at the businessman's home in 2016 when he ate some undercooked meat and began vomiting four hours later.

The complainant says he had moved into a room other than his own because the bed was more comfortable while he was feeling sick.

He says it was then that the businessman walked in naked and told him he couldn’t be in that bedroom because it was only for guests – he says the businessman invited him back to his own bed instead.

The complainant says he declined and went back to the room he'd been staying in but the businessman followed him and allegedly climbed into his bed, putting his hands down his pants, while his stomach was in knots and 'spasming'.

"I told him I didn’t want him there. He told me everything was going to be ok. He started putting his hands down my pants and playing with my penis," the complainant told the court, becoming emotional.

"For a moment I thought that I should just lie there and let him do it to me – that it would be over soon, but I just couldn’t."

He said he elbowed and punched the businessman to escape.

The man says on a separate earlier occasion the businessman had pulled down his pants and stared at him until the complainant pulled them back up.

The businessman and two others, including a well-known entertainer, are also charged with trying to dissuade the man from giving evidence in this trial.

The businessman also faces one other charge of indecent assault in relation to a separate man.