Anti-water bottling protesters say 'enough's enough'

Organisers of a water-bottling protest in Christchurch today are expecting thousands to turn out.

Marchers will be calling on the Government to ban new bottling consents, a concern they say is a nationwide issue.

Scott Esdaile from Save Our Water says he is appalled that Cloud Ocean Water is allowed to take billions of litres from the city's bores.

"It doesn't seem very sustainable… we need to be able to stop this now before it gets out of hand."

Bottlers have permission to take 24 million litres of water a day from three bores.

"Those consents were issued some 20 years ago; they were issued before we understood the effects of climate crisis, and they were never fully utilised," Peter Richardson from Aotearoa Water Action told Newshub last year.

 China-owned Cloud Ocean Water is seeking permission to build another bottling plant, Stuff reports.

Mr Esdaile from accepts local authorities are just following the rules.

"That's why we're going to be pushing for the Government to change the law around this."

He expects thousands to turn out to the march, which starts at 12:30pm on Cashel Street.

"I'm a little bit concerned about what's in store for my grandchildren, my great-grandchildren. Enough's enough - we need to take a stand on this, and now's the time to do it."