Auckland's Middlemore Hospital staff members violently attacked finishing shifts

Two staff members have been attacked an Auckland Hospital, leaving one with a broken bone and prompting further calls for better security.

On Saturday morning, two intensive care unit (ICU) staff members were assaulted on Gray Ave near the Middlemore Western car park entrance as they were finishing their shift at Middlemore Hospital.

The registered nurse and healthcare assistant were attacked by multiple perpetrators who had been hiding behind a wall.

The attackers knocked one of the staff members down and broke the collar bone of the other before running off.

Police say they have yet to receive a complaint about the incident from the victims, but the Counties Manukau District Health Board (DHB) tell Newshub they have put a report in.

Due to fog, the identity of the attackers were obscured from the cameras and Counties Manukau security staff are working to obtain more security camera footage that may shed light on who they are.

Nurses delegate for the DHB Sela Ikavuka told Newshub the hospital's management was to blame and they had been told to up security multiple times.

"This has been raised multiple times to the point where us as members held a rally outside of the hospital demanding for security, CCTV and extra lighting… but nothing that we have seen that is substantial has been done," she said.

She said members of the public can easily access the car park and follow people to their vehicles.

A statement from Counties Manukau Health said security at Middlemore had been increased at its car park sites since May last year.

"We are appalled and devastated that any of our staff, all of whom dedicate their professional careers to saving lives, have to experience this kind of unprovoked violence," said chief executive Margie Apa.

But despite more security, Ikavuka said nurses don't feel safer.

"People are still noticing in certain areas of our car park that there are members of the public present and watching them."

"I do know that us as members try to walk in groups… some nurses have security alarms that they wear until they are inside their cars."

She wants more security and for all staff to be provided with alarms.

Ikavuka also hopes those attacked won't have to use sick leave while they recover from the incident.

Apa is appealing for more information from the community to identify the offenders.

In the meantime, there will be increased security at shift changes.

Anyone with information should call Middlemore Security on 021 242 5473 or by calling the Police.