'Big as a roundabout': Twister rips through Waikato farm paddock

Waikato cows face a new threat after a twister was caught in a Waharoa farm paddock.

The weather event was spotted on Tuesday afternoon at around 3:30pm near Matamata, by motorists passing by.

"It was quite wide at the base - it was as big as a roundabout," Jim Kayes told Newshub.

"It wasn't moving. It was just spinning round and round."

Video shot by his daughter Ruth shows the twister "sucking up the dust" in the brown pasture, dangerously close to a large building.

In the footage, a large ring of debris rises from the ground and heads nearly 100 metres into the sky.

"I was worried about it coming on the state highway," Mr Kayes told Newshub.

Fortunately, these weather events often only cause minor damage in New Zealand, as they tend not to be very big or last that long. They're generally between 20 and 100 metres in width, and only remain active for a few minutes.


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