Bus driver caught on cell phone while driving

A bus passenger is horrified after they caught their driver talking on the cell phone.

The passenger, who Newshub has agreed not to name, noticed the driver on her phone for 10 to 15 minutes while driving in east Auckland on Thursday afternoon.

"I had my book open (as I was reading) but was just appalled that she continued to chat on her phone.

"It's illegal for a reason, she is responsible for the safety of each person on that bus. Surely that behaviour is unacceptable, regardless of how well she may or may not have driven," she told Newshub.

A bus driver can be seen on the phone in a mirror on the bus.
The bus driver can be seen on the phone in the mirror. Photo credit: Supplied/Anonymous

The passenger said the bus was packed when they were on it and there were people standing in the aisle as the bus driver continued to talk on the phone.

Newshub contacted Auckland Transport about the incident and it said the bus operator had been notified.

"Drivers are not allowed to talk on their phone while driving. We have referred this case to the bus operator NZ Bus for further action."

Newshub has contacted for NZ Bus for comment.


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