Call to unite in synchronised haka after two minutes of silence

Two New Zealand mayors are calling on Kiwis to come together for a nationwide haka after the two minutes of silence on Friday afternoon.

Kapiti Mayor K Gurunathan and Porirua Mayor Mike Tana put out a joint press release saying their districts would respond to the silence with a haka, performed by school groups.

They're asking the rest of the country to join in.

"Let those taking part observe a minute of silence... And then deliver a resounding haka in defiance of everything the attack stands for."

The government announced a two-minute silence to be observed nationwide at 1:32pm on Friday.

Gurunathan and Tana say haka is the perfect thing to bring the country out of that silence.

"As a migrant who has found a home here, I know that there can be no other response as powerful and deep seated in the NZ psyche than the haka which has the ability to unite all Kiwis" said Gurunathan.

"There is a season for all things. Today is a season for deep reflection. Of standing together as families, neighbours, communities and as a nation in support of the victims and their families, and each other."

There are vigils being held around the country in support of the victims and their loved ones, details for which can be found here.

Organisers of Wellington's Homegrown Festival announced their stages would fall silent for a minute at 9:25 on Saturday night in tribute to the victims of the shooting.

Groups are also urging New Zealand women to wear hijab, or headscarves on Friday in a statement of solidarity with Muslim women.

Gurunathan and Tana said this was a new leaf for the country, "a season for defiance."

"We are Kiwis, we are one, we are New Zealanders, and we will not be terrorised."


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