Canterbury police put their guns away

Canterbury police are no longer carrying guns after arresting a wanted man on Sunday afternoon.

Officers were allowed to temporarily carry firearms after officers were shot at three times last week.

Wanted man Treik Allen was arrested on Sunday after a week on the run following a firearms incident on Anzac Dr in Christchurch, while another man was left with gunshot wounds after trading shots with police.

Chris Cahill from the Police Association says it's likely there will be more armed police on our streets in the future if we don't address the increasing firearm incidents in the country.

"Unfortunately it's pretty much inevitable if we don't do something about the large number of firearms that are in the community and that are getting into the hands of criminals."

Mr Cahill says the Government must step in and take action.

"We also need to improve the Arms Act and regulations to make it harder for these criminals to get hold of firearms."


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