Cheerful busker spotted juggling his way across Wellington intersections

A juggling busker has been spotted making his way across intersections in Wellington.

Videos uploaded to Facebook show a man dressed in a rainbow coloured top and a hat performing at the lights of various roads in the capital, using juggling pins to amuse his audience of vehicles. 

Local resident Sarah McKenzie encountered him in Kent Terrace, at the Pirie Street intersection.

"At first I was like what the hell is he doing? Then I realised he was busking, and thought it was quite entertaining."

She said the other cars at the lights seemed to appreciate the performance.

"He walked around the cars with a hat out. He wasn't aggressive, just having fun and trying to make some coin."

One video posted to public Facebook page Vic Deals showed the busker at Cambridge Terrace.

The post was met with general approval from Facebook users, with one user stating "at least he's not cleaning windows".

Another user commented the busker had brightened their day.

"It's people like that who can turn a bad day into a good day."


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