Christchurch is running out of the measles vaccine

Health centres in Christchurch are running out of measles vaccine as the outbreak continues to grow.

Out of 12 medical centres, four have run out of the MMR vaccine, and another four are dangerously low. Two months of supply of the vaccine has been used in two days

There are now 15 confirmed cases of measles in Canterbury, and health officials are warning just how infectious measles can be.

If you come within two meters of an infected person while unimmunised, you have a 90 percent chance of contracting the disease.

And certain groups of people are being prioritised to receive the available doses of the MMR jab. Those priorities are in three categories:

Children and young adults aged 5 to 28 years who are not immunised, or have only received one MMR dose.

Children aged 12 months to five years, who have never received a dose4 of MMR.

And finally, adults aged 29 to 50, who only received one dose of MMR.