Christchurch man embraced by Muslims after sharing poem about terror attack

A man was embraced by an audience of Muslims after sharing his message of love and diversity on a Christchurch street.

Footage of the beautiful moment shows the man delivering a poem that slams terrorism as hatred and celebrates difference as the thing that "makes our country beautiful".

It comes just five days after an appalling terror attack in Christchurch that left 50 people dead and dozens more injured.

Fazeel Basha, the man who filmed the moment, tragically lost his uncle in the shooting on Friday. However, he says he's been blown away by the country's response to the atrocity.

"The support here in New Zealand has been so great, we're lost for words," Basha told Newshub.

"I live in Auckland but went down to Christchurch after hearing about the shooting.

"We were standing on the side of the road in Christchurch and this brother drives past and shows a heart symbol with his hands. Then five minutes later he came back and did this."

Read the full poem below:

Terrorism has no colour

Terrorism has no ethnicity

Terrorism has no one belief

The only thing all terrorism shares is hatred

Hatred for all those things that make our world beautiful

If a rainbow was only one colour, would you still appreciate it?

If everything smelt the same, would you still go out of your way to smell a rose?

If every sound had the same tone, would you still listen to music?

You see, the thing that makes the world a beautiful place is the thing that makes us human: difference

And this is especially true for the place we call home

Our country is diverse

Diverse in our land, diverse in our culture

And our diversity is what makes our country beautiful

Don't let hatred take over your heart just because things are different

Look after each other, family


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