Christchurch terror attack: Australian TV host Sam Newman mocks Jacinda Ardern's accent

A former sports show host has been disgraced on Twitter for mocking Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's accent.

After Ardern's powerful speech in Parliament, where she vowed not to speak the name of the accused gunman who murdered 50 people in Christchurch, Sam Newman took it upon himself to criticise her voice on Twitter.

"Thank heavens NZ Prime Minister said she will never mention the name of the terrorist," he wrote on Tuesday.

"How grating is her accent?"

The backlash was swift, with Twitter users condemning Newman for his insensitivity.

"Significantly better than any of the wind that comes out of your regressive racist neck Sam," replied one woman.

"Not as grating as your entire public persona," said another.

One user summed up the general public feeling to Newman succinctly, writing "Just get in the bin."

Multiple people spoke out in support of Ardern and her handling of the tragedy.

"I could listen to her eloquence, her strength, her compassion, her words and her accent for hours," said one user

"It's a breath of fresh air... I turned you off years ago... I stopped watching the footy show because of you." 

"If circumstances weren't so sad it would be ripe for a send up. But Sam, she's been so impressive, so eloquent and compassionate in recent days. Her political leanings may not be yours but she's conducted herself as a remarkable leader in a time of her nation's grief," wrote another.

Newman is known for previous controversies involving homophobia, black face, sexism and indecent exposure. 



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