Christchurch terror attack: Injured 4yo still unconscious

The father of a child injured in the Christchurch terror attack says she's still unconscious and needs more surgery.

Alin Al Sati was injured in the shooting and had to fly to Starship Hospital for specialist care.

Her father Waseem Al Sati was also shot and is recovering in hospital. He gave an update on Alin's condition, as well as his own in a video on Twitter on Thursday.

"My daughter Alin, she hasn't woke up yet, she's got one more surgery hopefully to go, hopefully one more to go, that will be on Wednesday.

"Keep you guys updated and then hopefully they'll try to wake her up because we're all worried."

Mr Al Sati said he was getting better every day after being shot multiple times, including in his hip and stomach.

Fifty people were killed when a gunman walked into Deans Ave and Linwood Ave mosques on Friday, March 15.

Alin was rushed to hospital, where she was operated on by vascular surgeon Dr Adib Khanafer, who said it was hard to put aside his emotions operate on her.

"I have four kids and the youngest is seven, the oldest 14. I just imagined this is one of my kids, I was able to perform my job and I left my emotion for after I repaired her.

"My colleagues were around me as well."


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