Christchurch Terror Attack -Police and cleaners working overtime to prepare mosques for Friday prayers

Police are working towards having the two mosques open in Christchurch tomorrow in time for prayer after the massacres there nearly a week ago.

A number of contractors have been working with authorities around the clock to get things ready in time.

What was an active crime scene is now in a frantic state of refurbishment hoping to open in time for prayer on Friday.

Painters and plasterers, carpet layers and cleaners have worked day and night to get them in a fit state to hand the mosques back to the community.

The police presence at both mosques is still thick with armed police. 

"We want the public in Christchurch to feel safe and normal and go about their business," said Darryl Sweeney from Christchurch police.

Mourners are looking forward to Friday prayers and getting back into the mosque 

Mohammed Hussein from Auckland expects many more people will want to pray.

"I think this place will be too small for Friday prayer tomorrow, there's people come from Australia, there's people from Auckland, people come from far, far out to pay their respects so I think somewhere like Hagley park in a nice open area would  be the best place tomorrow," he told Newshub.

A human chain of love is being organised for mosques around New Zealand, a show of solidarity for New Zealand's Muslim population. 

Mr Hussein says it's overwhelming.

"I think the Muslim community itself is overwhelmed by the love we've received from everyone." 

What happened in the mosques seven days ago won't stop people coming back.

"The people, the locals who used to attend that mosque and they saw that massacre on Friday, that will be really shaking for them but believe it or not, they will come," said Mohammed Naeem.

Back at the place where they faced their greatest terror, but usually find their greatest peace.  



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