Christchurch terror attack: Tributes paid to victim who died protecting others

Among those killed at the Linwood Mosque was 65 year old Islam convert Linda Armstrong.

Known for selflessly helping others she's also credited with saving lives as the alleged gunman attacked.

Linda Armstrong, or Sister Linda, had only been with the Linwood Mosque for two years, but her smile and kind heart had quickly made her a favourite.

Edward Wadsworth, General Secretary of the mosque said he was a person who would do anything for anybody.

"It did not matter who you were or what your background or beliefs or anything was.  If you needed anything done she would find a way to do it." 

When the Nelson fires forced hundreds out of their homes a month ago Sister Linda drove a car load of essentials to help out.

Having converted to Islam two decades ago, this was all part of her faith.

"Sister Linda always told me she had a peaceful time in Islam. She found true peace every brother sister was her family," Wadsworth said.  

Selfless in life she may have made the ultimate sacrifice in death. When a gunman opened fire through the window of the Mosque Sister Linda used her body to shield others.

Fellow worshiper Imam Lateef Alabi recounted her heroic actions.

"On the day there were other ladies were there and she was like that (moving from side to side) but she got shot at. She put her own body before them.

"I can see her that she was the one in front, the other ladies were behind so it is amazing it is amazing."

Sister Linda's next door neighbour still can't believe her friend has died, but wasn't surprised by her heroism.

Neighbour Linda Roach was not surprised Linda acted that way.

"Yeah, yeah from what I've heard she threw herself over somebody to protect them and that's when she got the bullet. That's her, that's her."