Christchurch terror attacks: Police reveal how alleged gunman obtained firearms licence

Police have clarified how the accused gunman obtained a firearms licence, confirming a home interview did take place.

A police spokesperson said based on information available, it is believed the correct process was followed by staff involved in the firearms application.

The accused filed an application in September 2017 in Dunedin, with a vetting process undertaken by a Police Firearms Vetting Officer.

The man initially listed a family member as a referee, but this person did not reside in New Zealand, as policy requires. Consequently, he was asked to provide another referee.

Two further referees were provided and were interviewed face to face by a vetting officer.

In October 2017, the man was interviewed at his home address in Dunedin in accordance with policy. This allows police to inspect the security of the applicant's property as well.

The licence was then approved in November 2017 after all information was reviewed.