'Disgusting': Outrage in Ashburton after bus passengers seen 'urinating' in public

Ashburton residents are outraged after bus passengers were allegedly caught urinating on the side of the road.

A local woman posted claimed on Facebook the incident happened outside Tinwald Medical Centre, despite two sets of public toilets less than a kilometre away.

Photos showed a bus pulled over to the side of the road, and a woman squatting behind a tree with her pants down.

"Men stood along the road while women went into the trees with toilet paper, which I can only guess would still be there," the local wrote.

Ashburton Mayor Donna Favel told Newshub it's appalling if true.

"It's really disappointing that was only a short drive to the closest public conveniences," she said.

The Facebook post has been shared more than 600 times and has garnered outrage.

"What is wrong with people there are toilets in town," one person wrote.

"The driver here of this bus in my mind is as guilty as them for letting em out to squirt there!!" another said.

The bus company has been contacted for comment.


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