Duncan Garner: Anti-vax murderers shouldn't get access to the welfare system

OPINION: If you don't vaccinate your babies and your children then you better have a medically supported reason why. Otherwise, you're a bloody idiot. A selfish idiot.

Your foolish approach, your cowardly lack of action in this area, could see one of your fellow countrymen or women die. It's that serious, and that simple.

If you don't believe me, listen up. There is a measles outbreak in Christchurch with 25 confirmed cases and more are expected to contract it.

Measles is easy to pick up. It is one of the most contagious diseases known to mankind.

You can die from measles let me be clear. In 1991, here in New Zealand, seven people died.

This was during our last outbreak. Does anyone remember that?

As a result, we spent millions vaccinating to finally declare ourselves measles free in 2017. Except the germ got out again because someone didn't vaccinate.

This Canterbury outbreak could spread around the country, easily. It may even have come in on a person arriving in NZ by plane.

That's why this whole anti-vaccine movement is as dangerous as it is gormless. Anti-vaxxers are the true virus or germ that must be put back in the bottle. This group is so far removed from reality that they put their own children at serious risk.

You can now see how much they care for your child or you - zip, zero - murderers.

This group is so dangerous they should come with a health warning and be stripped of the right to spread their message and their viruses.

Hang with these Neanderthals and you might just die early. I kid you not. The last Government spent millions and worked hard demanding people get up-to-date. There is nothing more crucial than good public health. We need to step this up again.

I say, if you don't vaccinate, you don't get access to the welfare system. If you don't vaccinate, you get fined. If you don't vaccinate your child, they should be kept away from early childhood centres and even schools.

There will be exemptions but please, let the doctors tell us what they are.

And here's one more thing, dying from measles is rare but it happens. It is a slow, horrible death from infection. If you don't die you may get brain damage.

Thank goodness most of us are sensible and my message is really aimed at the truly delusional flakes who probably think 9/11 didn't happen either.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.