Duncan Garner: We need to see alleged gunman on trial

OPINION: There is growing talk at the highest levels that, when this alleged mass murderer ends up in the court, he'll represent himself and use the court appearances as a way to broadcast his delusional, inhumane rants to a global audience.

And there's growing talk that he should not get the opportunity.

There are suggestions to make this a closed trial. To make it happen away from the world's media so it doesn't turn into a circus. 

I would fight this with every bone in my body. I think having him on trial for the world to see is what we need.

The first reason is so we can understand what happened.

The second is so we can see what these alleged nut-jobs are made of, and the third is to say to our kids, 'see this man, well people like this don't belong in society and must be locked up until the hearse arrives to take them away for good'.

I know the concerns, that he will use this trial, and every opportunity he has to speak, as a chance to spout his hate and his delusional, evil rhetoric. That it will be a grand platform for him. But you can trust in our justice system for this. 

I have complete faith that our judges can appropriately control it. 

They can suppress parts of any trial they think deserves to be offline. So, suppress him permanently. The court then controls what goes out. Tell the journalists at five o'clock: "you can't repeat that rant from earlier this afternoon", "don't explain what he did at 10 this morning", and so on.

But don't deny the public the right to eyeball evil, if we wish.

He brought terror to our backyard. Justice should be done and be seen to be done. Never ban justice for the people.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.