'Fit in or F off': Nelson locals outraged by 'racist' t-shirt

'Fit in or F off': Nelson locals outraged by 'racist' t-shirt

A post on a Facebook page about a 'racist' t-shirt has caused outrage in Nelson.

The post was put on the community page Nelson Snippets, about an anonymous Nelson local who visited Richmond Pak'n Save wearing a t-shirt that read: "I love New Zealand, fit in or f**k off."

The local posted he was doing his weekly shopping on Thursday when he was approached by what he referred to as a "long arm of the law".

The reported "officer" wanted to have a word about his t-shirt, which had been complained about "both from members of the public and the store staff," he posted.

The poster explained to the officer the shirt was not illegal, to which the officer replied: "No, it's not illegal, it's more the sentiment." 

The anonymous local chose to leave the supermarket before there was any trouble, but plans on wearing the shirt every time they visit the Richmond Pak'n Save.

The post was met with disapproval, with most of the commenters saying the shirt was racist.

Many members of the page were angered by the post as Nelson Snippets had been a reliable source of information for residents of the Nelson area for updates on the recent fires, road closures and lost and found items.

One Facebook user wrote they were "embarrassed that a post like this is associated with Nelson."

Most users agreed the resident did not realise the irony of the situation, with one user writing "hypocrisy was lost" on the t-shirt owner.

"Hypocrisy is lost on him, you're complaining about your freedom of speech being encroached on, while wearing a shirt denying that same freedom to other people?"

Other users just thought the shirt was ugly.

"One of the tackiest t-shirts I've ever seen."

The post has been shared 100 times, and gained more than 300 angry comments from people of the Nelson community.

Newshub contacted the store manager of Richmond Pak'n'Save, who said he had not seen the shirt, or contacted the police about the alleged incident.

The local has failed to respond to comments. 


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