Gun City calls for supporters to push back against swift gun law reform

The store that sold the alleged Christchurch shooter some of his weapons has released a statement asking its network to push back about urgent gun law reform.

On the same day as the national remembrance ceremony to acknowledge the 50 people killed in the massacre two weeks ago, an email asked subscribers to sign a petition requesting more time for consultation on gun law reforms, reports Stuff.

The petition on the New Zealand Parliament site asks for an "in-depth public consultation period on changes to New Zealand firearms legislation to ensure effective firearms legislation that does not unduly punish law-abiding firearms owners while maintaining assurances of public safety".

"We believe that recent changes to New Zealand firearms regulation is ill-advised, partly due to the speed at which they have been implemented and also due to (understandable) emotionally driven public pressure."

The petition already has 10,820 signatures.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced shortly after the tragedy that military-style, semi-automatic guns would be banned, with the Government hoping to pass the legislation by April 11.

The changes received support from the National Party, but Act party leader David Seymour questioned the need for the legislation to be passed quickly.

As well as the petition, the email said the gun store wanted an inquiry into how the shooter obtained a firearms license and how the values of weapons will be calculated for a buyback scheme.

Gun City's release, as well as a statement on their Facebook page, called for an independent inquiry into the Christchurch shooter's firearm licence and asked people to email "people who are controlling our destiny" such as MPs, Police and the media expressing how they feel.

It was also encouraged for followers to support firearms owner groups on social media, listing six the owners may be interested in.

"If shooters help one another it is more likely that your preferred type of shooting sport will remain secure."

The post received mostly positive comments from Facebook users, with one user congratulating the store on not rolling over for the Government.

"Keep up the good work Gun City, nice someone is fighting for the legal gun owners who are responsible and have not committed any crimes," said another user.

The store's chief executive, David Tipple, said at a press conference in the days after the shooting that his company did sell the alleged gunman four A-category firearms and ammunition between November 2017 and March 2018, but says they detected nothing extraordinary about the license holder.

Gun City has been approached for comment by Newshub.