Homeless charity Orange Sky pleading for more support to provide laundry, shower services

A charity that washes clothes and provides showers for homeless people is calling for more public support.

Orange Sky's van "Hugo" has two washing machines, two showers and a drier. The charity estimates it costs about $26 per wash and shower to keep the service running.

Spokesperson Eddie Uini told Newshub the service is proving vital.

"Some people haven't had a shower for like two or three months and you don't realise how lonely it is out there."

The charity launched in New Zealand in October 2018, after originally launching in Australia in 2014.

"Mike, the first guy to ever use an Orange Sky van in New Zealand was absolutely stoked to have a shower... Mike hadn't had any of that stuff for a little while so it was really cool," founder Luke Patchett told Newshub at the time.

Mr Uini, who spent his Christmas Day on 2018 operating the van in Onehunga, told Newshub volunteers can help the group.

 "If people want to volunteer they can come out on shift with us, to our 17 shifts across New Zealand."