'Hope is everything': Mosque attack survivors still fighting in Christchurch Hospital

Some of the survivors from the Christchurch massacres have spoken out from their hospital bed to thank the New Zealand public.

They're fighting to get back to full health so they can help the rest of the community recover from the atrocity. The shooting may have broken their bodies, but it hasn't broken their spirit.

Sheikh Hasan Rubel took a moment to pray with a senior member of his faith from his bed. The toll his wounds have taken were clear as he fought to recover from the gunshots to his lower body.

"Hope is everything for us," he told Newshub. "That is why we are alive and we Muslim, we hope for peace."

On Monday he was visited by Farid Ahmed, who was also in the Al Noor mosque during the terror attack on March 15.

While the doctors are healing their bodies, Ahmed - who lost his wife Husna - is helping to heal their hearts.

"A little bit of love and mercy, that's all we need to change the world," he said.

The love is welcome for Motasim Billah, who was shot in the leg.

"I thank you, everyone who's thanking us, who's looking after family."

The outpouring of love after the attack is boosting their recovery. Rubel says despite the awful act of hate, New Zealanders have made him feel safe.

"I want to get better for my community and my work as soon as possible, and do good for the whole community, whole New Zealand."

Their recovery will be long, but together the Muslim community is emerging stronger than ever.