'How do I manage?': Christchurch widows struggle with life after attack

Widows of the mosque shooting victims are struggling in the wake of the attack. Some of the women needing support can't drive and don't hold jobs.

Shakti, a group helping women, has identified 13 families so far where women now facing life as sole providers. Some of them are very young, with young children and new to the country.

Shakti councillor Shila Nair says some women don't hold a current license, making ordinary tasks more difficult.

"That kind of increases their difficulty by quantum leaps actually because driving is very essential to get to the shops and other places," she told Newshub.

Others have been in co-dependent relationships and are struggling with everyday tasks. Nair says she visited a widow who doesn't know how she will adapt.

"She told me, 'How do I manage? Because I've never even gone out and done shopping on my own.'"

Nair says some will have to juggle finding jobs and looking after young children. They're crying out for their family members to help support them.

"Some of these women are quite keen to have their family members over here to support them, understandably enough at least for a year or so," she told Newshub.

"One young woman whom I spoke to yesterday said, 'I'm just 24 and I've got two kids. They're both minors. How am I going to be able to find a job and look after them right now because I haven't worked in New Zealand so far?'"