How much is enough, when it comes to retirement?

A new report shows superannuation isn't even enough to cover even a bare-bones retirement and there's concern our retirees won't have enough.

How much is enough, when it comes to retirement?

It's the age old question that has some kiwis, very worried.

A new report from Massey University suggests a rural couple would need $492,000 saved for a comfortable retirement.

A city-based couple would need much more - at least $785,000.

The figures also assume you are mortgage free.

For many, those are very daunting numbers.

"They're not as scary as they initially appear, if you start saving very early," Dr Claire Matthews.

And it's never 'too' early to start according to the researcher.

She does add that retirement's becoming more expensive due to healthcare, and other factors.

"Ah travel costs are going up and also recreation, so part of it is lifestyle choices but also things that are forced on them," Dr Matthews says.

The report also highlights a reduction in home ownership among those approaching 65.

So for those who thought a comfortable retirement was tough, it's even harder when you're renting.

It's not all doom and gloom though.

Acting Retirement Commissioner Peter Cordtz says people are now often working past 65 because they can.

He also adds predicting how much people will need isn't always helpful, as it's different for everyone.

"It either demotivates or makes people complacent so not getting fixated is a very important part of your planning," Mr Cordtz says.

He says changes to Kiwisaver allowing those over 65 into the scheme could also make a difference and it will give them more control and choice.

Something all retirees hope to have, when they decide to settle down, for their twilight years.



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