'I just imagined this is one of my kids': Vascular surgeon reveals pain operating on 4yo shot in terror attack

Christchurch hospital staff today recounted the events of last Friday when their emergency department was overrun with 48 wounded from the mosque attacks.

Among their stories were moments of heroism, incredible team work and raw emotion.

Minutes after the gunman left the El Noor mosque, turmoil struck the Christchurch hospital emergency department, with the number of gunshot wounds they'd normally treat over years all arriving in one hour.

Dr Dominic Fleischer said the injured arrived in a huge surge.

"The first inkling we had was when two patients came in with glass injuries, they'd broken through a window and told we'd expect many more in the next few minutes and they were right."

With it being a Friday, the hospital realised it urgently needed to get in more supplies before a brave and frantic courier drive followed.

Nikki Ford, the Nurse Manager for ICU said it was a desperate rush.

"We had to actually phone that up and get them through so congratulations to the lady, Renee, I think it is that actually drove through the cordon and delivered the supplies to us because man, we really needed it."

Over the past six days an obvious and mutual respect has developed between the hospital and its patients.

Social Worker Michael Kempt said hospital staff did their absolute best to make sure people were looked after.

"Amongst devastating adversity these people were exceedingly patient, humble and gracious when they had every reason not to be."

But of all the heartfelt stories was that of Dr Adib Khanafer, a vascular surgeon who so expertly stitched so many together, including a four-year-old named Alin Alsati.

"I have four kids and the youngest is seven, the oldest 14. I just imagined this is one of my kids, I was able to perform my job and I left my emotion for after I repaired her.

"My colleagues were around me as well."

Christchurch Hospital uniting as the country stands beside those of the Muslim community.