Kanoa Lloyd disappointed police dismissed victim support after four burglaries in quick succession

Presenter and journalist Kanoa Lloyd has spoken out about how police responded in the aftermath of her reporting four burglaries in a short period of time.

The host of Three's The Project opened up on the misfortune she'd suffered after a segment discussing whether New Zealand's justice system does enough to support victims and survivors of crime.

Lloyd said each time she reported a break-in incident to police, the officer in charge downplayed the emotional impact it was likely to have had on her.

"I have had a very weird string of bad luck with break-ins, of being burgled and my car being broken into - four times, it's happened to me," she explained on Tuesday night.

"Every single time, the police officer whose job it was to handle the case said, 'Oh, there's victim support but you don't need that, do you'.

"And I guess not, but actually by the fourth time... I actually might've liked to have talked to somebody on the phone who was like, 'Are you okay?' But I just said no because I didn't want to be a handful or a problem."

She said the prospect of "a total stranger coming through your bedroom window, climbing over your bed, stealing your underwear and jewellery" is quite traumatising.

Lloyd's story comes after a survey for the Government's criminal justice reform programme has shown the system often lets victims down.


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