Kim Dotcom sued after renovating penthouse apartment then moving out

He's being taken to court for $300,000.
He's being taken to court for $300,000. Photo credit: File

Kim Dotcom faces another court battle, after he renovated his $4.1 million rented penthouse then allegedly failed to follow through on his promise to buy it.

The internet millionaire is being sued over the changes at the luxury Princes Wharf apartment, which reportedly include altering the walls, installing astroturf on decks and replacing carpet.

NZME reports the owners, Karen Sandler and her husband Paul Hill, allowed him to make the alterations as long as he would buy it afterwards. But Mr Dotcom moved out in 2017 without paying for it.

As a result the owners have filed a lawsuit in the Auckland District Court seeking up to $300,000, NZME reports.

Ms Sandler and Mr Hill's lawyer, James Donkin, said the couple didn't want to comment.

However Mr Dotcom did, telling NZME his renovations had "left the penthouse in a much better condition".

"In fact, the penthouse was in bad shape prior to us moving in because it was rented out as a wedding venue and for corporate parties," he said.

"The carpets had tobacco burns and wine marks and all walls had bad scratches. We had to recarpet and repaint the entire penthouse.

"My legal team will handle this and I'm not concerned."

Mr Dotcom has been in and out of court over the last seven years, accused of mass copyright infringement and racketeering by US authorities.


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