Lime suspension expected to lift

Lime scooter riders are likely to be on their best behaviour in Auckland as they get back behind the handlebars on Saturday.

The e-scooters are being unleashed onto the streets again - but with conditions.

The company's licence to operate was suspended a week ago after scores of reports of sudden braking, and dozens of injuries. Lime says it has fixed the problem, and Auckland Council on Friday said it was satisfied the scooters are now safe to ride.

Matt Lowrie from transport lobby group Greater Auckland says it's not usually the riders at fault when things go wrong.

"There was definitely an initial rush, a novelty factor, and people tried to push them as hard as they can - we're not saying people don't still do that, but people are much more responsible with them now."

Dunedin is also re-instating its license, following Auckland's lead.

"Once we have written confirmation that they agree to [Auckland Council's] conditions, Lime scooters will be back on Dunedin streets," said Dunedin City Council general manager community services Simon Pickford.

Mr Lowrie says it's exciting to have them back.

"If they've addressed the issue of the product being defective - which obviously they have, if they've been allowed back - then that's a positive… People love scooters, and it's good to see them back."

He believes after the horror stories that made headlines ahead of the license suspension, people will probably drive them more carefully.


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