'Mad' game of Duck Duck Goose breaks out at Wellington intersection

Eminem's record-breaking performance put Wellington locals and visitors in a good mood, with some concert-goers filmed playing a nostalgic game of Duck Duck Goose at an intersection after the concert. 

Nicosia Marsh captured footage of the large group of people playing the traditional game in the central city.

Marsh said everyone who was taking part or watching the game was "loving it."

"Everyone cheered whenever someone got caught - they were all pretty competitive."

The game gathered a crowd, with Marsh estimating a "good 50 bystanders watching".

"I'd say by the time we decided to move on there was about 30 people playing, but I heard that it grew from there."

Marsh believed that most of the players were students and people who had just come from the Eminem concert.

The footage was originally posted by Marsh to the public Facebook page Vic Deals, with one user commenting: "This is perhaps the most amazing thing I have seen all weekend, and I went to Eminem."

Many users expressed their disappointment at missing out on the game, stating it was their "favourite game at school".

Another user appeared to have approached the game with a bit too much enthusiasm, writing that the game was "mad."

"That game was mad, I twisted my ankle."

Wellington police received no reports or complaints about the game on Sunday morning and it's believed the road was closed to traffic.


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